Shelby & Rob: Engaged

Happy Monday!
I hope you had a wonderful Easter. My wife and kids were all pretty much down for the count with sickness so i spent most of the weekend taking care of them and loading up on vitamins and supplements! I was also able to sit down and pick out a few of my favorite shots from a recent photoshoot with Rob and Shelby.
I told them on the photo shoot "I've never had a couple complain that they looked too happy in the photos." Definitely the case here. I met with Shelby and Rob at Chestnut Ridge Park. This time of the year, the park is used mostly for people running or walking their dogs but we were able to find a few secluded spots off the beaten path. 

I had such a great time photographing these two. It took literally no effort to get them to smile! And happy people always make for wonderful photos. :)