Shreya & Steve: Engaged

There's something remarkable about sports. Not the athletic aspect of it, (though that is incredible to see the way individuals push the limits of what our mortal bodies can accomplish) I'm talking about the social/psychological aspect surrounding it. The fact that you can meet someone and have nothing in common, but if you both love the same team, instant affinity.

Shreya and Steve are both Green Bay Packers fans (the best franchise in sports). I wore a packers hat to our first meeting, so it was kind of perfect that they would wear Packers Jerseys to the photo shoot. Even Otis, their rescue dog of 2 years, got in on repping the team colors! 

The engagement session started on Linwood Ave in Buffalo. Shreya and Steve used to live there and would walk Otis up and down the street all the time. I love taking photos where the couple has memories tied to the location. This residential area, just a mile away from Buffalo's theater district, was a great area to walk and breathe in the brisk, March air. 

From there, we went to Buffalo's Canalside Boat Harbor and Board Walk. Every time i visit this area, it looks better than before. The area revitalization has actually shown real results. As we walked along the navy battleships you could hear the sound of ice skaters yelling, laughing, and screaming as dozens of tail bones were inevitably being bruised. The air was filled with the smell of... Cereal? Yeah, cereal. General Mills has a factory (currently undergoing a $25 million upgrade) on the water right by the harbor so the smell of cereal baking wafted across the water and made me crave golden grahams. 

We finished the evening at Gallagher Beach. The sunset was hidden behind a thick line of clouds that hovered on the horizon just high enough to keep the sun veiled as it set. The streaks of color still bled over the top of this coverage and gave us a beautiful backdrops.

The water here was still partially frozen over with a thin, translucent sheet. The kind that sounds like a cross between a synth drum and a whippoorwill when you throw a rock (Here's what it sounds like) across its surface. We threw a lot of rocks ūüėā. By the end of the evening, the cold was starting to get to us all. Shreya and Steve were such troopers sticking it out into civil twilight. It was a great evening with a couple of great people and I was so happy with how the images turned out. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding this autumn! :)