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Hi, friend!

This is John Baker, the hairier half of Apricity Photography and If you are on this page, you’re probably curious about the people behind the camera at Apricity. We’re non-models/real people who specialize in taking photos of other non-models/real people living real life. So, for the sake of brevity, I’m going to highlight the usual spiel that you see on these pages.

  • Yes, photography is our passion.

  • Yes, taking beautiful images of incredible people makes us feel alive.

  • Yes, we firmly believe in the power of photos for preserving the moments that make us who we are.

But... who are we?

We’re John and Hayley. Just a couple of dorky home-schooled kids who fell in love and decided to do life together.

I (John) got my professional photography start shooting metal concerts in small, dank, basement venues. Eventually, I made it big time and started shooting shows in large, dank, ground level venues. While the money was poor/non-existent, it was the BEST way to learn how to capture split second moments. No stopping the show to ask if the guitarist will do that jump kick again (Drummers do NOT appreciate those kinds of antics).

Then… Jack was born (Soon followed by Rowyn and eventually Genesis - our three beautiful children for whom we would sacrifice our lives - and for whom we frequently sacrifice our sanity).  

I know they don’t usually tell you this, but it turns out that having a kid changes everything! (Who knew?!) Suddenly, spending all those late nights at concert venues weren't an option.

It was at this point when we started to focus on weddings and we couldn’t be more thankful for that transition. Through photography, we’ve met some beautiful people, traveled across the country, and witnessed the best day of so many people’s lives. Running a business together is actually a ton of fun (for me at least, sometimes I might drive poor Hayley a little insane.)

We really are thankful.

Now, if you want to know some things about us that you didn’t know you wanted to know… Keep reading.


Seven Questions for Hayley:

  1. Favorite food or drink?

    Lavender and cardamom oat milk latte
  2. Favorite Film?

    The Princess Bride - easy
  3. Most embarrassing moment?

    I once confidently believed and vocalized that the electoral college was the place where college kids went to vote in elections… Not a political science fan growing up.
  4. Greatest fear?

    Literally any sound in the night or anytime our deck light turns on. I pretty much believe our home is being broken into 25 times every single night.
  5. Dream job as a kid?

    I always wanted to be a cashier when i was little. I thought checkout barcode scanners were the greatest invention ever. You can imagine how happy i was when self-checkout became common ;)
  6. What is your hidden talent?

    Psh, it’s hidden from me too!
  7. Greatest accomplishment?

    Three natural births - no drugs. Im-a-beast!

Seven Questions for John:

  1. Favorite food or drink?

    Right now? Wegmans Grapefruit sparkling water
  2. Favorite Film?

    No. That’s not a film. I just can’t possibly answer this.  
  3. Most embarrassing moment?

    When i was just a wee lad, my dad took me and my sister to an Animal Planet traveling road show. It was like a little festival for animal education. Super awesome. At one point they asked for volunteers from the crowd. I along with two other kids went up. We were asked to give our best animal sound, the first two kids totally phoned it in, (I think one literally said “bark” for their noise) not me. I was going for it. I whipped out my super refined bobcat roar. I thought i had nailed it. Then i saw my dad in the crowd covering his face with shame. And the MC just looked at me, chuckled, and said “Okayyyyyy…” Apparently no one else knew what a super accurate bobcat roar sounded like.
  4. Hidden Talent?

    I’ve got a killer bobcat roar
  5. Guilty pleasure?

    I've had some truly decadent desserts in my life, but I think my favorite will always be birthday cake ice cream
  6. Where do you want to retire?

    Bruges, Belgium! Hayley and I have already visited and already decided it was going to be the place where we retire. The atmosphere is so relaxing, the history is amazing and the chocolate and waffles are unmatched
  7. After getting out of bed, what is the first significant thing you do in the morning?If it’s a good day - hit the gym. If it’s a bad day - back to bed.


Who are you?

Enough about us. Let's talk about you. 

At Apricity Photography, we think there is nothing more important than relationship. It's the focus of our photography. The thing that truly makes your wedding day unique is not the dress (Though it looks terrific! Good choice.) and it's definitely not the centerpieces. 

No, the thing that makes your wedding day unique is the people.

That collection of people will NEVER be together again. We think that's pretty amazing when you think about it. 

So when we want to get to know you, it's sincere. We want to know what you value, who you value, and how we can go about capturing those authentic moments and relationships. 

Will you help us do that? If so, we'd love to work with you :)